Happy birthday Madiba

We’ve been quiet for a while but we’ve chosen today to get involved again. To talk about the topics that are close to our hearts, to share ideas and to learn from one another.

It’s good to be back. Let’s get the conversation going again.

Looking forward to the New Year

We’re taking a well-earned break for the holidays.

Thank you for all the support you’ve given us in your comments.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday and we look forward to joining you again in the New Year.

Peace, out.

Making smart choices

In every team there should be a willing, smart, passionate leader: a leader that will motivate and inspire the rest of the team; a person who will lead the team to success.

Our country is run by our president, cabinet ministers, mayors, local councillors and so on. They are our leaders, given the job of turning South Africa from a developing country into a developed country – with help from all of us, of course. Continue reading

I love house music

It’s interesting how music is composed, using all the instruments, the drums, pianos, and strings, to create that unique note – to make the sound that makes us want to jump out of our chairs and dance.

While there are all sorts of music genres for different tastes, like jazz, opera, R’nB, hip-hop, rock and gospel the one I love most is house music. Continue reading